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Notary contacts

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Contract of sale of an apartment

Conclusion of a contract for the sale of an apartment is a mandatory, notarized document confirming the transfer of ownership of the apartment from the seller to the buyer.

We are ready to help in drawing up the contract, and also guarantee a responsible and professional approach in preparing the transaction, including checking the accuracy of title documents, the ability to contact the BTI, obtaining extracts from the electronic real estate register.

In any case, the process of buying and selling an apartment takes place according to a certain algorithm - the selection and final choice of an apartment, the coordination of the cost, the collection of documents by both parties, the conclusion of an agreement, the mutual settlements of the parties to the transaction, entering data into the register.

In this process, a notary may be needed several times - when concluding a preliminary agreement, when issuing a power of attorney to collect documents for registering the sale of real estate, when drawing up the main contract for the sale of an apartment.

The documents

Depending on the status of the parties (legal or natural person) participating in the sale and purchase transaction and concluding the relevant agreement, as well as depending on the accompanying circumstances (presence of encumbrances, credit obligations, interests of minors ...) a different set of documents may be required.

Before concluding a contract for the sale of an apartment, please contact a notary to clarify their complete list.

Among the documents that may be needed at the conclusion of the transaction:
- the passport
- identification code
- title documents for the apartment
– technical passport of the apartment
- a certificate in form No. 3 from the ZhEK
- consent from the spouse (if any)
– expert appraisal of the cost of the apartment
– extraction from the register of property rights, BTI
- a certificate of no outstanding utility bills

Draw up a contract for the sale of an apartment

If you need to certify a contract for the sale of an apartment or get advice on its execution, call (044) 592-75-31 or contact directly the notary office of Klimenko Svetlana Yurievna