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The notary office of Klymenko Svetlana Yuryevna carries out the most complete scope of notarial actions provided for by the legislation of Ukraine, including contracts of sale, donation, lease, pledge, mortgage, certification of powers of attorney of all types, execution of applications, certification of wills, opening of inheritance cases, authentication of copies and signatures under documents.

The work of the notary office is structured in such a way that the visitor spends a minimum of time to complete the necessary documents.

The work of the notary office is based on the principles of objectivity, impartiality, independence, fairness, tolerance, competence and confidentiality of our clients.


1. Contact a notary

1. Contact a notary

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2. Notary consultation

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3. Send documents

Send the documents, their scans or a draft document to be certified by e-mail to the notary
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4. Collect documents

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Notarial services

Apostille is a stamp confirming the legality of a document in the territory of states that have acceded to the Hague Convention. On March 10, 2020, private notaries received the right to affix an apostille.
Contract of sale of an apartment
The contract for the sale of an apartment is an agreement in which one of the parties undertakes to transfer the apartment to the second party, and the second party undertakes to pay a certain amount of money for the apartment
Contract of mortgage (pledge) of real estate
A mortgage agreement is one of the forms of pledge, in which real estate remains in the ownership of the debtor until the creditor pays his obligations.
Real estate donation agreement
A real estate donation agreement is usually concluded between relatives in order to transfer an apartment, house or plot with minimal financial costs for registration
Lease (hiring) agreement for an apartment, premises
The conclusion of a lease (hiring) agreement for an apartment allows you to prescribe the details and terms of a transaction for renting an apartment, residential or non-residential premises for rent between the owner of the property and the tenant of the premises
Real estate sublease agreement
A sublease agreement is concluded when an already rented property is leased to a third party, when the tenant, with the consent of the landlord, transfers the premises for use to the subtenant
Pledge agreement for a car, vehicle
The conclusion of a pledge agreement for a vehicle, car, allows you to formalize the relationship between the lender and the borrower, who receives money in debt secured by a car
Acceptance of money as a deposit of a notary
Acceptance of funds as a deposit of a notary's office is a tool that is used in cases where guarantees of mutual settlements and financial security of transactions are needed.
Registration of business, legal entities
Accelerated registration of TOV (Company z obmezhenyu vodrovidalnistyu), LLC (Limited liability companies) without intermediaries, directly at the notary registrar
Registration of property rights
Registration of ownership of real estate directly with a notary, with entry into the State Register and receipt of an extract from the State Register of Property Rights


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Owner sells apartment with unpaid duty

The situation with the apartment received as an inheritance. After the entry into the law, the new owner sells it. But before the sale, the non-owner did not pay the fee, which was charged when assessing the apartment upon entering into inheritance rights. Do I need to pay it and who should do it: the seller or the new owner-buyer?

Offer to buy a house available only cadastral number

We are offered to buy a house that stands on 17 acres of land, Kyiv region, at the moment only the cadastral number is available. Legally, a deal can take place, and what threatens the absence of state. property deed? What are the next actions? Buy and on your own behalf apply for privatization? Or still ask the seller to draw up to the end on ... Continue reading Предлагают купить дом в наличии только кадастровый номер

How to arrange the purchase and sale of an apartment for an office

How to arrange the purchase and sale of an apartment transferred to a non-residential fund for an office, but without reconstruction. I want to buy an apartment for a shop, and the fact that it has already been transferred to a non-residential fund suits me. According to the documents, she is still an apartment, and the sellers took the extract from the BTI. One of the notaries says that it is necessary to complete the design and reconstruction for an office, like this ... Continue reading Как оформить куплю-продажу квартиры под офис

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