Since March 10, 2020, private notaries have received the right to affix an apostille.

An apostille is a stamp confirming the legality of a document in the territory of states that have joined the Hague Convention.

Apostille is POSSIBLE:

  • On documents emanating from the judicial authorities of Ukraine.
  • On documents emanating from the prosecutor's office of Ukraine, the justice authorities.
  • on administrative documents.
  • On education documents and academic titles.
  • On documents executed by public and private notaries.
  • on official certificates

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Examples of documents that need to be apostilled:

  • Certificates (from the place of residence, on a non-conviction, on the state of health, from the state archive);
  • Certificates, diplomas, curricula, archival certificates, documents confirming scientific titles;
  • Documents issued by the registry office (birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, extracts from the registry office, etc.);
  • Documents drawn up by a notary (powers of attorney, statements, affidavits, etc.), notarized copies of documents (the originals of which are not subject to apostille, except in cases contrary to the Hague Convention);
  • Court decisions.
  • Documents of legal entities (powers of attorney, certificates of registration, charters, affidavits, extracts from State registers and other documents).

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